Friday, October 28, 2016

Wishing You a Blessed Samhain

We're finally down to three days before Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year, which at first seemed like it was never going to arrive.  And then during the last week, as Chrismas decorations suddenly starting popping up like some heinous black magic in stores, the end of October became a freight train intent on splattering across the tracks any unfortunate souls caught off their game.

Including me, of course, who had intended all year to have another novel out by early October.  But sometimes the thing you're writing takes a lot more time than you thought it would, and sometimes the thing you're writing just runs off the tracks and explodes (or gets splattered).  There's been a bit of both during the last year.  So while the pipeline has got stuff in the works, it's not quite ready to leak into our drinking water yet.

This is possibly too many metaphors even for me.

So to all my readers (I know you're out there, lurking under rocks, but it's okay because it's that time of the year), my sincere apologies.  I'm writing my brains out right now, and if you're following the New Berlin series, you're going to see some familiar faces from around Chicanery soon.  Angels, incubi, some dark fey, and a few other creatures are cluttering up the pages of my first draft pile.  They just need a little merciless surgery, and then some further botox and nip/tucking before they're ready to face you.

On a further note, Sweet is going to be free on Kindle in honor of Samhain, one last gift and one last harvest before the long, dark night.  You've probably already read it, in which case thank you!  But if you know anybody who'd like to snag a copy, they can get it now through sunset of November 1st.  Okay, midnight actually.  KDP refuses to let me run promotions based on sunset-to-sunset.  But hey, such are the trials of life as a half-assed pagan.

Now it's back to work for me, so I can pin all my hopes on finishing something in time for Yule.

Forever love, and may you all enjoy a blessed Samhain!